In the Beginning…



“Provenance Unknown” gets ‘Commended’ in the Thunderbolt Crime Writing Prize.  The new version can be found here.


I’ve added a new tab for Writing Prompts – the idea is that I’ll update them every month (possibly fortnightly) with the aim of having 5-10 each month.  Enough for choice, but too many to try and do all of.

Hopefully people will find them useful.

There are also new stories up, under ‘stories’ (duh)…


I’ve added a few stories and a poem since last I updated here – not as much as I’d like, but as much as I could manage…  I’ve added more to Project Jericho as well.

Theoretically, I’m working on a couple of things: a long form story (Working Title: Common People) and a novel (Working Title: Maxwell’s Demons).  The novel hit a snag when I noticed a plot hole, which required some major rejigging to fix.  Oh, and the need for a functional understanding of Quantum Mechanics…


I’m not sure if I’m really ready to share this with the world – but it is ‘complete’, and I even have a hard copy coming (just one though).  It’s been something to keep me writing even when I’ve been busy, and whilst it’s not my greatest work, and probably has very limited appeal, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, especially as a side project.

Project Jericho: blank verse, stock images, dubious sanity

Uh, yeah, it’s been a while… sorry, an epic move and some epic complications… Anyway, the much delayed and much anticipated ‘Yellow Dress: Stewart O’Kell Signature Edition’ is now available for sale on iTunes and Smashwords… It’s… it’s different, not as post modern as it appears and… I don’t know – I like it and how it turned out, but realistically I’m not sure how commercial it really is…
iTunes Smashwords
Let’s not talk about the IRS stuff, okay?
I’ve also updated the cover image for ‘The First Hit’ to look (marginally) more professional. The update should be up already.

A lot of stuff on hold at the moment – IRS stuff due to ID issues (copies are only valid if they are provided by the original supplier – or if you pay hundreds of dollars to get them authorised by an ‘apostile’…) Which causes a delay for Kindle/Google…
Hazchem Season One and Yellow Dress both delayed due to not having as much spare time as I’d hoped.
Everything else: on hold for NaNoWriMo ( – I’ll try and make a dedicated post at some point by way of explanation.
As an aside, a big thank you to those that have been supporting me – I hope to have some new stuff for you soon.

Good News/Bad News
Bad News is that the IRS got back to me – and they are requesting copies of my ID (that I had already sent them) which means getting them copied and certified again, and then posting it back, and I guess hoping for the best. (This means a further delay on Kindle/Google Play releases)
Good News is that my work is now available on Kobo. (Details on the ‘Where to Buy’ page.)

‘I Don’t Believe in Sundays’ Now Available

(I didn’t have quite the time that I had hoped – Hazchem Inchoate Season 1 is delayed -but hopefully won’t be too far away. It’s close enough that I’ve started working on the cover.)

Nothing from the IRS, but ‘I Don’t Believe in Sundays’ (A Novel) is available on Smashwords.

Posted the IRS stuff today…

The current plan is to release IDBS (novel) in mid/late July, along with reworking the Special K Guide. If the IRS don’t take too long, the plan is to have Amazon/Kindle releases shortly after, including previous work. (I am also entertaining a poetry collection – but that will depend on how much time I have, and if I have enough suitable content.)

The First Hit now available in iBooks (iTunes)

Step-Ladders and Demon Traps now available on Itunes.
(Some hiccups with The First Hit, has been amended, pending review)

And the short story collection is live:
Both are pending review for the ‘Premium Catalog’ (which is what allows other resellers).

And we’re up. ‘Step-Ladders and Demon-Traps’ is available for sale – so far, only on Smashwords, but barring unforeseen difficulties, it should start popping up on different (more popular) sites soon.
Anyway, here’s the link –

So, I guess now I’m a real author?

Every time I thought I was only a couple of hours away from being ready to upload my Ebook for sale, I discovered that there was something else that needed doing, occasionally requiring learning how to use a new program. For the record, GIMP is really good, but I have proven to myself that I am no graphic artist. (Yes, I could have hired one, but I really felt like this one should really be all my own work – which I may regret.)
Also, for the record, running multiple versions of Word on a computer confuses the auto ‘open with’ allocations as well as ‘Recent Documents’ for the previous versions. It’s annoying, but not a big deal.

Barring any unforeseen difficulties, I should be updating the “Where to Buy’ page soon.

(I also discovered today that I forgot to put a ‘Login’ link for this site…)

Finally I have tweaked the site. Sure, it’s still not amazing, but it’s not terrible, and I’m hoping that I’ll be judged on my writing, not my Website design skills.
You’ll find it easiest to navigate via the top bar, and new items should appear over there on the right…
I’ve even added a ‘Follow by email’ thing – if you get spam, it’s not my fault.


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