So, welcome to my blog.

There are two main ideas behind this blog – firstly, and foremostly, it is an opportunity to showcase some of my work, with the hope that you enjoy it, and better still, maybe buy one of my books. (Link will be available as soon as I have one for sale.) So yes, I am a struggling author – but hopefully you’ll be pleased that I’m not updating from a Starbucks… The second purpose is to provide some tips and guidelines to aspiring authors – clearly, my tips are no guarantee of success, but they should be helpful when looking at the workings of a story.

Fingers crossed you enjoy my work – if you know someone you think might enjoy it, please share it.

Please note, this is very much a work in progress – there are still a number of issues with the site, especially in terms of tidiness.

I’m hoping that soon, I’ll have to create a new page entitled “Where to buy Stephen Kirkaldy’s work”.

The Author expresses all Legal Rights to be called the Author of the works that he has authored.  Don’t steal.  Don’t plagiarise.  If you’d like to publish one of my stories, please contact me.

If you’re from the DET (or DEC or whatever they are calling themselves), if I have used any of this in school, it was written for the website first (or my own amusement) and thus you cannot claim any ownership as ‘resources’.  (Actually, I think that’s pretty dubious from a legal standpoint anyway.)

Obligatory Legal stuff that shouldn’t need to be said… add another page.

All work is mine, and anything that isn’t is being used for parody purposes under ‘Fair Use’.
The photos are mine as well – I’m multi-talented…


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