Provenance Unknown (Thunderbolt Version)

A revised version.  Commended in the Thunderbolt Crime Writing Competition.

(WT) Io

Writing prompt, with really basic notes.

The HaHa Hotel

Title Challenge.  (With basic notes.)

Sans Of

Your mileage may vary on this one…

Stare Case

HSC Discovery, Exam Conditions, with Notes.

Siren’s Call

The return of my thief character, and some character assassination.

The Silent Pool

Some more blended horror. (With a debt to Gothic.)

Burning Mountain

Blended horror. (And a debt to Ambrose Bierce.)

Hazchem Inchoate

Hazchem Inchoate: Practically Perfect

My ‘superhero’ character…

Hazchem Inchoate and the Prisoner of Al’s Car Barn

Part Two. Preview (Still needs final refining, probably another 700 words.)

Hazchem Inchoate and the Digger of Narcissus

S01E03  Preview Part Three (I’m not yet sure if I am happy with this…)

Mescaline (292.89) 1.2

The only way to fly.

Mescaline (Annotated)

An annotated version.

WT Stockholm (1.1)

Can you have a good torturer?

WT Stockholm Annotated

An annotated version showing some of the decisions made in the construction of the story.

An Exploration of Endings: To Watch Him Die

Often, a story reaches a point, a crossroads as it were, where it can go a number of different ways. It can be beneficial (and fun) to explore some of the myriad options.

Tales Of Transport Part 1 and 2 (1.1)

I have no idea where I’m going with this.

(WT) She Died (1.1)

Launch Challenge: Start with “She died. Once upon a time…”

Provenance Unknown (2.2)

A Crime Short Story

Provenance Unknown Annotated.

An annotated version of the short story, showing some of the changes made in constructing a story.

Peroxide Blonde (1.1)

Launch Challenge: Crime, Locked Room, Limited Cast.

Lafayette Square (1.1)

A Short Story

Being Green (1.1)

Challenge launches:
The frog crept in unexpectedly. A murderous green tree frog? Or if you want another: “infinity”, The pot boiled over once again….Lilly….the perils of cooking whilst looking after a pre-crawler….housebound

Angel’s Hair and Baby’s Breath (1.3)

Launch Challenge: Post Modern Retro Sci Fi.

Angel’s Hair and Baby’s Breath Annotated

I think, what I love most about this story is the fact that it doesn’t really work.

A Quantum Of Solace (1.1)

Launch Challenge: End with the rule breakers: Then I woke up. Then I died.


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